A can of wine, please

A can of wine, please

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A can of wine, please

They have been doing it in the US for years, but winemakers in Provence have now also broadened their horizons, selling rosé in 25-centilitre cans. Canned French wine is also expected to be available in the Netherlands by 2023. It is quite a step for the traditional wine country and previous attempts came to nothing. The number of chateaus that dare to put their prestigious product in a can can can be counted on one hand. The vintners in Saint-Tropez want to make a breakthrough and think that the culture shock among younger wine drinkers will not be so bad. Besides the convenience of having your own portion, there are all kinds of advantages to canning. It is easy to keep cool and transport. It is recyclable and also more environmentally friendly than glass on other fronts - you can read all about wine packaging in the previous edition of WINELIFE. In the Netherlands, as a taster, buy canned wine from Mallorca: 2Wine, available at Albert Heijn. Or try the South African Rosé from winery Spier from a can. Pour the wine in a glass or drink it straight from the can and let us know if you like it. By the way, for winter dishes, Spier also offers cans of Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc.



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