Stelvin screw cap celebrates 60th anniversary

Stelvin screw cap celebrates 60th anniversary

Text: Ingrid Lamoyeur (Wine Institute) | Image: @vinissima

Did you know that the Stelvin screw cap was invented 60 years ago? The best-known screw cap for wine bottles is the Stelvin. It was developed in 1964 in Chalon-sur-Saône (Fr.) by Australian packaging company Amcor. The reason was that the Swiss grape variety chasselas suffered a lot from 'cork'. The aim was to come up with an alternative closure capable of "preserving the aromas, freshness, flavour and quality of wine". Switzerland was then the first country to use the new screw cap. 

It was not until 2001 that wide use was promoted in New Zealand with the 'Screwcap Initiative'. Today, 90% of wine bottles in New Zealand and Australia have a screw cap and the Stevin screw cap is now used in 40 countries. It is estimated that around a third of wine bottles worldwide have screw caps.

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