48 hours in... Vienna

48 hours in... Vienna

In 2 days in Vienna, you can do a city trip and wine tour in one. This is because the vineyards of DAC Wien are located on slopes within the city limits. The tram takes you to the top and as you walk among the vines, picnic there and taste wine, you look out over the blue Danube and this beautiful city. TEXT MAGDA VAN DER RIJST WITH BART DE VRIES

5 PM
We travelled by train to Vienna and checked in at Hotel Daniel, Landstraßer Gürtel 5, not far from the Hauptbahnhof. This hip urban stay has a casual atmosphere. Prices for the practical, sleekly decorated rooms start from 99 euros per room, whether you stay there alone or as a couple. The website makes it easy to find a suitable room, from simple to one with more space and a wide view. You can even opt for the Airstream caravan in the backyard. Schloss Belvedere and the botanical garden are a stone's throw away. Those are definitely worth a visit, but we didn't come for that this time. We were there for the Viennese wineries, wine bars and restaurants. So we had immediately reserved a table for that first evening at Restaurant Buxbaum, Grashofgasse 3.

7 PM
This cosy restaurant is in the heart of the city, but being located in the Heiligenkreuzerhof, you're in the lee. We ventured straight to the Wiener Schnitzel vom Kalb mit Kartoffelsalat, and a vegetarian potato goulash with truffle. The wine list consists mostly of Austrian wines. To get fully in the mood, we drank a Gemischter Satz from Vienna. What exactly it is and what requirements it must fulfil are explained to you in detail during visits to the wineries.

10 PM
Toast and coffee we skipped to have another glass at Bar Krawall, Naschmarkt 975. Uwe Schiefer, former sommelier and now one of Austria's top winemakers, is involved in the wine list of this Viennese local with a laid-back vibe. We naturally chose one of Uwes wines, namely his Blaufränkisch Eisenberg DAC Reserve Szapary. Pure fruit in your glass, blackberry, currant and cherry, complemented by Eisenberg's pointed minerality. Immensely intense.

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