Visiting...Marc Kent of Boekenhoutskloof

Visiting...Marc Kent of Boekenhoutskloof

Recently, South African winery Boekenhoutskloof was named Winery of the Year by Platter's Wine Guide. And since winemaker and co-owner Marc Kent has been living in our capital since December, we thought that would be a great reason to pay him a visit.


I speak to Marc on the roof terrace of his Amsterdam home with stunning views of the Rijksmuseum and Museumplein. Marc is winemaker and partner at South African winery Boekenhoutskloof. Some 25 years ago - December 1994 - he started the company with some partners, during the period of South Africa's first free elections. 'A very special time,' says Marc. The company now has seven shareholders of which Marc is one. 'I am the only shareholder who is also employed by the company,' he adds.

Key to success

Marc does not come from a family that comes from the wine world. 'On the contrary, my father was more into whisky,' he laughs. He tells how he eventually became a successful winemaker. 'In the late 1980s, I was selected to participate in a pilot training programme for the South African Air Force. In my youth, that was my big dream: to become a pilot. But after the war with Angola was settled, a new era dawned and no new pilots were needed. The training did not continue.' He decided to wait until pilot training reopened. To make ends meet, Marc started working as a waiter at Black Marlin in Simon's Town. He turned out to be a master at selling Glen Carlou and befriended the owners, who then advised him to take a wine course. He then got in touch with his current business partners and the rest is history

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