'Méthode Fabrice' *Closed*

'Méthode Fabrice' *Closed*

WINELIFE went to visit champagne producer Fabrice Pouillon; the winemaker presenting a new method of champagne. An exciting innovation in the world's most complex wine region. We speak to him about his 'Méthode Fabrice', his life and what he experiences in this special French wine region!

'Méthode Fabrice'

Making a champagne requires a second fermentation in a sealed champagne bottle. Common practice is to add a combination of selected yeasts and sugar to the base wine. The ensuing fermentation in the bottle consumes the sugars and carbon dioxide and alcohol are produced. Given that the carbon dioxide cannot leave, it becomes one with the wine. Fabrice wants to get rid of the use of this sugar addition. And has been working for more than a decade to find a solution to this. He has found a way to extract and concentrate the glucose and fructose from his own grapes.

When asked exactly how he does this, we get a big grin and he says this is the secret of his unique method. He combines these home-grown grape sugars with natural yeast cultures from his own grapes that he lets grow up. A totally new way for this second fermentation to take place.

Watch Niek Beute's explanation here:

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