When you celebrate 285 years, you are no longer a trend follower but can call yourself a trend watcher, Oud Reuchlin & Boelen must have thought. This anniversary year, the oldest wine importer in the Netherlands is taking a closer look at the future. For instance, by focusing on a 100% sustainable range and customized blends and packaging for consumers. We attended their 'future wines' workshop at the anniversary party in mid-October at Landgoed Duin and Kruidberg. 'Never before have developments been as rapid as this decade. Because of technology and internationalisation, but also because of the rapidly changing customer,' says Eric Welles, managing director of Oud Reuchlin & Boelen. 'Nowadays, everyone is a wine merchant. Anyone can pick up a box after a visit to a winery or order wines from around the world via the internet.' Hold on to your heart classic wine world, because it will go much further! Virtual reality wine experiences, for example ('Can I taste at Vicente Gandia in the Rioja?') or ordering bespoke blends ('Please do me a bottle of 50% sauvignon blanc, 30% pinot blanc and for the bite 20% pinot noir'). What a different world from the one where Johannes Boelen registered as a wine buyer in Amsterdam in 1733 and simply started shipping wines and genevers... ORBWIJN.NL

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