We are family

We are family

In 1994, Ilja Gort bought his Château La Tulipe and he had one big dream: to make top wine. He succeeded, but why is he now changing the name of his 'Love Castle'? - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

Ilja: "My son Klaas (31) grew up at this château and has been working there for 10 years now. He knows every vine, tree and stone there. For several years, he has also been running the château B&B with his girlfriend Meriam. Winemaker mistress Caroline and I therefore decided that the time was ripe for Klaas to take over the day-to-day management of the château, so that we and the whole family could focus even more on producing sustainable wine. We were already doing that, but climate change means the urgency is greater now than ever. That is why we are transferring the Slurp and La Tulipe wines to our partner Cordier, a French wine company that has been operating internationally for our brands for several years. With the exception of the wines produced from our château in Bordeaux: the Prestige and the Zero non-alcoholic, which will be renamed from our château: Gort & Gort.

Château La Tulipe is from now on called: Château Gort & Gort


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