Sun, sea & Joie de Vivre at La Cerisaie

Sun, sea & Joie de Vivre at La Cerisaie

Languedoc has everything a successful tourist destination should have; an abundance of sunshine, cool sea and beautiful mountains. The area is not only great for the sun-seeking epicureans among us, it is also an extremely suitable area for wine-growing. It is the largest wine-producing region in France. Between the Méditerranée and the foothills of the Pyrenees, there is a colourful collection of different terroirs with a great diversity of grape varieties, soils and even different climates.
Text and image: Petri Houweling

La Cerisaie is located in Saint Chinian, 30 km north of Beziers, It is one of the better-known appellations in the Languedoc. Also because of its two types of soil: volcanic schist and clay with limestone. The typical southern French grapes are planted here. Their wines go fantastically well with local dishes. These will all come along during the wine-food week. But there will also be wines from other, international grape varieties.

During this week, you will learn what the best wine-food combinations are and, above all, why they are so. It is also suitable for people without extensive wine knowledge. During the three lessons, you will playfully learn everything about all aspects of the wonderful product wine. In addition, we go into practice by visiting special wineries and renowned restaurants. Are you coming? Find the complete programme here.

All this will be accompanied -in Dutch- by wine expert Petri Houweling. France is her favourite wine country, where she can regularly be found with her campervan. As Château-Petri she works full-time in wine, working for WINELIFE, teaching, organising the better wine parties and organising culinary wine tours.

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