Riesling & Pinot Weeks 2021

Riesling & Pinot Weeks 2021

Riesling & Pinot Weeks 2021

Riesling & Pinot Weeks 2021; Finally, the tradition of the RieslingWeeks can be resumed and this 10th year, the grape pinot is also participating! From Friday 1 to Sunday 17 October, German wine takes centre stage in the catering and wine shop and you can buy it at a modest price. We are already in the starting blocks. - TEXT MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN

What's so special about German Riesling and Pinot? Got a minute? The Riesling grape embodies German wine culture like no other. There is wine that is mineral and dry, as well as sweet dessert wine. Like a chameleon, riesling reflects the terroir where it is grown. And the grape grows in all German wine regions. But Germany is more than just riesling. A range of fascinating varieties belong to the 'burgunder' or 'pinot'. The friend-of-everyone-weissburgunder or German diva spätburgunder are the best known, along with grauburgunder and chardonnay. But auxerrois, frühburgunder and schwarzriesling are also basically pinot grapes. Perhaps a bit confusing, all those different names, but remember that this great diversity does make for untold wine-food combinations.

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That's fun dining out from Friday 1 October. For two and a half weeks, including three weekends, you can enjoy a three-course menu with a matching German wine pairing for 45 euros per person. Star restaurants are also participating; for each star, ten euros is added to the menu price. Book in advance at the participating restaurants via this link 

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