Le Nez: French wine made with Argentine passion

Le Nez: French wine made with Argentine passion

Verbunt Verlinden has officially, as of today, welcomed Le Nez to its portfolio. Le Nez is a unique collaboration between two very passionate and dynamic winemakers; the Argentinian José Galante and Vincent Chansault from the French Languedoc. Together, they represent a fusion of two different wine worlds.

Le Nez is a unique wine brand that delivers exceptional quality and challenges traditional expectations. The influence of the experienced José Galante has reached several generations and helped transform the Argentine wine industry, making Bodegas Salentein's wines internationally renowned. The young and innovative Vincent Chansault takes the premium Languedoc wines to the next level with his innovative winemaking style. Together, they create the creative and distinctive wines of Le Nez.

Le Nez likes to break traditions. This includes the use of grape varieties not typical of Languedoc. Le Nez's label design also differentiates itself by being artistic and modern. Furthermore, José and Vincent consciously choose to make only I.G.P. wines. This gives the winemakers complete freedom to create wines without wine region-specific restrictions. Le Nez's three different series cover a wide range of price points and drinking occasions, offering open-minded wine lovers a new, fresh way to enjoy wine. From the playful and accessible Moments range, the contemporary classics of the organic Le Nez Français collection to the iconic Le Nez Imperium. The distinctive Languedoc terroirs come alive in these wines.

Le Nez is available in the Netherlands exclusively through Verbunt Verlinden. For more information, contact info@verbuntverlinden.nl.

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