Alcohol at last

Alcohol at last

Where here the no-and-low drinks increasingly popular in restaurants and pubs, some Canadians can actually buy drinks with alcohol for the first time from 2024, after a 121-year ban. Their town Cardston in Alberta is one of the few remaining 'dry' cities in Canada, but there has now voted to repeal the law banning the purchase of alcohol. At least, a careful start is being made by granting liquor licences to a limited number of restaurants and golf clubs. Bars, liquor stores and alcohol delivery services still remain prohibited from operating.  


The so-called Prohibition in America and much of Canada at the time, from roughly 1920 to 1933, was aimed at eliminating alcoholism. Especially in religious circles, the lobby for total abstinence had been going on for more than a century by then, in fact it went hand in hand with the industrial revolution and the arrival of a working class that drank a lot. We already wrote more about it in WINELIFE because it obviously had major consequences for wine production and consumption. 

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