Behind the scenes of online wine tasting

Behind the scenes of online wine tasting

WINELIFE Magazine organised an online wine tasting event together with Mitra beverage shops on Friday 21 January. Sommelier Niek Beute took the participants on a journey to the Languedoc and together they tasted the delicious wines of Preignes le Vieux. - TEXT + IMAGE EDITORS

About Niek Beute

Niek Beute is top sommelier, vinologist and editor-in-chief of WINELIFE. He has gained a wealth of experience in various (star) restaurants, in the Netherlands and France. Besides this vast knowledge, he also has a huge passion for wine and knows how to take everyone by the hand to experience the story behind the wine in all its facets. On 21 January, Niek took participants through the story of Domaine Preignes le Vieux.

About Domaine Preignes le Vieux

Domaine Preignes le Vieux is a Languedoc wine estate where Jérôme Vic and his wife Aurélie are the fifth generation to rule the roost. Some 200 hectares of land, including 160 hectares of vineyards stretches around the Château de Preignes le Vieux. Remains of Roman structures, including amphorae for wine, have been found under the 1202 castle. Proof that wine was already being made in classical antiquity in this special place!

Inspired by the ancient culture and rugged land of Languedoc, Preignes le Vieux's wines are first and foremost about pleasure. Pleasant wines at pleasant prices. Fresh, light wines, some great rosés for long summer evenings and reds with personality and distinctive charm.

About Mitra liquor shops

Preignes le Vieux wines are sold exclusively at Mitra liquor shops. With 110 shops, there is always a shop near you. Mitra has more than 500 special wines in its range. So there is a suitable wine for every occasion. Your liquor retailer will be happy to advise you on the ideal wine and take you through the story.

The wine tasting

During the tasting evening, six wines from Preignes le Vieux were tasted. A diverse selection of white, rosé and red in various price categories:

Paradis Vermentino
Tradition Syrah Rosé
Prestige Viognier
Prestige Petit Verdot
Aurélie Vic La Découverte de Languedoc
Aurélie Vic Le Long Chemin Limoux

Behind the scenes of online wine tasting

You could follow the online wine tasting via a livestream via our Facebook page. Herewith a behind-the-scenes look at the online wine tasting. We look back on a very successful evening!




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