Après ski

Après ski

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Après ski

Don't panic, the hibernating grapevine actually likes snow. Winter cold favours the growth of the wood. Snow has the advantage of preserving the cold. But at the same time protects against the lowest temperatures. In the wine industry, it is said that cold is good if it is not too intense. Thanks to its insulating properties, snow protects shoots and prevents them from freezing. It also neutralises pests, which saves treatments in spring. This photo was taken in Austria. In Glanz an der Weinstrasse. This wine route in Südsteiermark is really fantastic: a narrow country road takes you past idyllic wine-producing villages like Ratsch, Glanz, Langegg, Schlossberg and Eichberg-Trautenburg. Want to be covered in snow yourself? It's very good skiing here in Styria. Sporty by day, local wine by night.

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Not a fly in the soup

Hostesses, hosts and sommeliers are very important. During a restaurant visit, we want nothing more than to be pampered and hear anecdotes about the products and wine producers. And learned young is done old. That is why the National Hennessy Hospitality Award was created 20 years ago to promote knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic hospitality. Max Oude Veldhuis, assistant restaurant manager at Bougainville, won this time. The 25-year-old Max was the best of 25 candidates who over the past six months passed a rigorous pre-selection with theory and practical tests and a jury visit led by sommelier Edwin Raben.



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