WINELILFE 84: We take you to very different wine regions

WINELILFE 84: We take you to very different wine regions

In this WINELIFE, we again take you to very different wine regions. Read about the best Koopgids wines coming from the sun-drenched Spanish Mesetas in Rioja. This edition's cover grapes come from steep volcanic slopes, for example those of Mount Etna. Read how iconic winery Gaja has also settled here to meet the demand for fresher wines.

In this edition, we also write about the briny whites made on the Mediterranean coast of southern France. The wines from there end up in the wine shop with or without a medal. But how do these shiny gold, silver or bronze medals end up on the neck of the wine bottle? You will find the answer in the article Expert tells.

You can read that terroir has everything to do with that in De Laatste Druppel, where soil microbiologists and terroirists Claude and Lydia Bourguignon have their say.

They are an important couple, as they reappear in the story of Miguel Torres explaining to us the principle of regenerative agriculture.

Have you been looking for a really good non-alcoholic wine for ages? Wine journalist and convinced alcohol-free Esmee Langereis gives you tips for the real gems in this issue. If you miss that blissful alcohol rush after drinking them, then indulge in chocolate. Because this comforting refreshment with a (brief) euphoric effect on your system goes seamlessly with wine. Marjolein Schuman gives you golden tips for the best combinations.

You will find all this and much more in this summer edition, which is a great read on the beach or elsewhere in the sun - with a glass of wine, of course.We at WINELIFE wish you much reading pleasure!

Petri Houweling

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