Wine gallery: From the glass to the canvas

Wine gallery: From the glass to the canvas

Wine gallery; From the glass to the canvas

Are the museums open or closed? You can now view paintings at home with your favourite subject in them: Wine. After all, artists of all times like to incorporate wine into their work. Because they have it on hand anyway, because a jug or green glass rummer looks good in a still life, or because wine has a double meaning. - TEXT MARJOLEIN SCHUMAN

Soft and rigid. Friend and foe.

Uplifting beginning, bitter end. You can go either way with wine. Artists' personal relationship with the grape juice has famous highs and lows. But wine can also depict joy or sadness in their books or paintings. In the history of WINELIFE, several paintings have already been featured. We add new discoveries to make our point.

The ancient Romans and medieval monastic orders knew what to do with grape vines. Their planting and arrangement of vineyards gave Europe a flourishing wine culture. This was captured by the best craftsmen in colourful images, still without symbolism - although the theme of fertility stands out.


Thus began wine in art. The Roman mosaic of the wine harvest dates from the 6th century. It is part of beautiful mosaic floors framed with plants and geometric decorations (1) of a church (ruins) in Jordan, depicting Christian life at that time. This Church of Saint Martyrs Lot and Procopius is located 3.5 km from Mount Nebo on the edge of the Jordan Valley. Another fine example is the illustration (2) from the 14th-century Tacuinum Sanitatis, a handbook of medieval medicine, agriculture and cooking.

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