Win The New French Wine worth €140

Win The New French Wine worth €140

For most wine lovers, France remains the most fascinating wine country ever. They are at their beck and call with this new, very complete two-volume work on the current state of wine affairs there. Together they account for 864 pages in a fancy cassette.

The New French Wine is called, and new it is. Based on eight years of research, The New French Wine is a unique book set that explores the world's most popular wine region. Volume 1 examines all French wine regions. Each region comes
extensively covered with terroir and geography, and topical overviews of distinctive traditions, as well as contemporary changes. For example, one of the chapters is aptly headed The rise and fall of appellations - see also page 68.
Not only is it very complete in terms of content, it is also pleasing to the eye externally with clear maps and beautiful photographs by Susannah Ireland.

The second part is more about the people behind the wine. Jon Bonné takes readers on a tour of every wine region in France. He meets and describes some 800 producers who really matter today and their more than 7,000 wines.

The New French Wine is a comprehensive reference guide - in English - on the new
wine talents and their high-profile wines. It is divided by region, from Burgundy to Bordeaux and everywhere in between. As a lover of French wine, you can't ignore this. 'Redefining the world's greatest wine culture' is written in bright pink on the
box. And that's right.

The New French Wine
JON BONNÉ / TEN SPEED PRESS / ISBN: 9781607749233 / € 140

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