Wine figures

Wine figures

Wine is fun, figures are fun, so wine-related figures are the epitome of fun. The new Wine Figures section provides statistics any analytical wine lover will love.
Text and image: Fela de Wit

Follow us on Instagram AND if you watch our stories, you've probably noticed it: the poll. The poll is new, provides figures that are both fun and useless, and above all puts a big smile on your face.

Since it has been such a success on Instagram, we decided to take it a bit bigger. With the survey at the bottom of this article, we hope to gain insight into the differences between the pros, the avid wine nerds, the enthusiasts and the curious noobs. If you want to take part in this survey, it is useful to first classify yourself in one of these categories. We explain the difference to you here.


Are you a sommelier, vinologist or other wine-related profession? Then you are a pro. You have completed a wine education and have made your passion your profession. You know (pretty much) everything about wine.

Fanatical wine nerd

You don't have wine running through your veins just yet; wine is your passion and your life, but not your profession. Although with your knowledge you could easily become a sommelier. Labels hold no secrets for you and with that knowledge you know how to select the best wines for every moment.

Enthusiastic enthusiast

You love wine, but know that there are people with more knowledge about it than you. You especially enjoy reading about it and hope to use that knowledge to score a nice new bottle that you would otherwise have passed by. Nowadays, you more often go to the (wine) liquor store for a gem, because you know the wines from the supermarket by now. And if possible, you go to a wine tasting here and there.

Curious noob

That one (house) wine from the supermarket has recently ceased to be your favourite. You know there is more, but don't know exactly where to start. You follow WINELIFE to brush up on your knowledge. Decanter, gewürztraminer and malolactic fermentation are things you've never heard of. But you will. Or not. Or maybe. You'll see later.

The survey

The survey is formatted in Google Forms and asks for your email address. Don't worry, we won't spam you. The email address is used by Google to make sure no one fills out the survey twice. This keeps the figures reliable.

We will share the results of the survey through our newsletter. Our newsletter is published fortnightly on Sundays at 6pm. You can submit your here sign up for our newsletter.

The survey takes less than a minute. Start the survey.
You can participate until Wednesday, July 17, 2024. We will share the results via the Sunday 21 July 2024 newsletter.

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