The wonderful world of Steinbeisser

The wonderful world of Steinbeisser

The wonderful world of Steinbeisser

Put the world's best chefs behind a cooker for an all-vegetable menu, let the artists design eccentric cutlery, crockery and glassware and keep it intimate. It is the successful formula of Martin Kullik and Jouw Wijnsma, who organise the most extravagant culinary experiences every year with their Steinbeisser initiative. In September, Chef's Table-non Jeong Kwan is coming to Amsterdam especially for Steinbeisser. WINElife spoke to Martin about the experimental dinners, Chinese lentils and dairy-addicted chefs. - TEXT KATJA BROKKE | IMAGE THOMAS ALDORF, KATHRIN KOSCHITZKI, MARION LUTTENBERGER, FABIAN HAEFELI AND ERIC WOLFINGER

In 2009 Steinbeisser was born out of your shared interest in contemporary can and designers.

'True, we wanted to do something with that shared passion. So in 2009, me and Jouw invited a group of artists to our first exhibition, in Amsterdam. From fashion designers to shoemakers and jewellery designers. It was very well received, so we took the project to Lisbon and Hamburg as well. That only didn't go as well, and we eventually ended up broke back in Amsterdam. There, I got in touch with Suzanne Oxenaar from the Lloyd Hotel and it clicked immediately. Me, Jouw and Suzanne started exhibiting the work of fashion and jewellery designers together, but gradually found out that we didn't actually like it at all. It was 2011 and me and Jouw were thinking of quitting, things had to change. And that was the moment everything changed.'

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Wine and food event in the heart of Amsterdam