Do I taste Trias or Lias?

Do I taste Trias or Lias?

Going (or being allowed) to taste in the wine cellars at Stéphane Tissot in the Jura is a mind-blowing experience. Gone are the traditional comparisons of grape varieties, of vintages or way of making wine. No, with the ambitious and focused winemaker of Domaine André et Mireille Tissot - when you taste Stéphane's Chardonnays or Savagnins straight from the barrel - you compare chalk to clay, or Trias to Lias. You taste geology.

Identical grape, identical planting, identical vinification and yet worlds of difference. You have to experience it to believe it. His reds from pinot noir, poulsard and trousseau are good, but the whites are truly unique and magisterial. He is most proud of his Vins Jaunes; in 2003, Stéphane was the first in Jura to produce them 'single-vineyard'. According to him, these reflect the ultimate expression of the terroir, especially as they age. Mindblowing. 



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