The white gold with white wine

The white gold with white wine

Asparagus season is now in full swing and we love it! Cooking, grilling, baking or roasting: culinary-wise, you can do anything with it. Are you a noob when it comes to a good asparagus-wine pairing? Then read on. 
Text: Fela de Wit | Image: The Season Boxes

Fans of asparagus can't get their fill at this time of year. Asparagus is the queen of vegetables and has been available everywhere since mid-April. Not much of a cook? No worries, we got your back. Because if you want to make a real furore as a home cook for once, it is The Season Box your best friend.

It comes a bit close to the principle of a fresh food package from the supermarket, but offers that little bit extra that we love so much. And no, it's not necessarily for that nice date, you can also order it for a family dinner, a dinner with friends or colleagues or when you meet your new in-laws for the first time. With The Season Box, you will make a good (first) impression anyway.

Sounds fun, and it is. Because for a relatively small amount, you get a box sent home with all the essentials for a delicious home dinner. A starter, main course and dessert, including a matching wine selected by an excellent wine connoisseur. You score bonus points with that!

The Limburg asparagus season box menu

The Limburg Asparagus Season Box menu is meant for lovers of the "Limburg white gold". This package contains everything to make your life a little more bearable. The ingredients are delivered so that you only have to put them together and heat them up. With the instructions, you are guaranteed not to make any mistakes. Who doesn't want that?

As a starter, enjoy a delicious asparagus soup and Baguette Rustique with sea salt butter. As a main course, yes, asparagus. Peeled. Delicious with the included white wine sauce, potatoes, Limburg Livar ham and an egg.
Even dessert has been thought of. This time, The Season Box delivers you a delicious panna cotta with red fruit.

The wine

A good meal vies for a good glass of wine, we think. Weingut oswald Weissburgunder is a delicious white wine from 2021 that suits this dish. It has a lovely nose of white fruit and citrus, with a pleasant and long finish. A clean wine with fresh acidity. Full of ripe fruit of pear, apricot and nectarine.

Of course, it is possible to order multiple wines. Wine expert Marcel Swaghoven of The Wine Companions is a true wine connoisseur. He makes sure the wine pairing of your home dinner is taken care of from A to Z. So you can be sure that your wine pairing will be an unforgettable experience.

Washing up

So let's talk about the less fun things about dinner: the dishes... yep... they have to be done too. Or does it? Not if it's up to The Season Box! Because as extras, they also supply the crockery with a dishwashing service. Now that's convenient. So you keep time for the nicer things.

See the entire menu at Season

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