Gruhier, Crémant de Bourgogne, Extra-Brut 2017

Gruhier, Crémant de Bourgogne, Extra-Brut 2017

The least known wine from one of the most legendary wine regions. We like to give stage to the Crémant de Bourgogne. A sparkling wine made in the same way as the famous Champagnes. But not afraid to have its own style.

Domaine Gruhier

Magnificent wine estate in a sumptuous 13th-century Cistercian outbuilding. One of Yonne's highest-quality references, entirely in organic culture. Dominique makes pure, vibrant and digestible wines with rigour in this setting. The vines, deeply rooted in the Kimmerigian's famous limestone soil, come to draw mineral elements that give finesse and freshness to both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The winemaker speaking:

The adventure began in 1990 on a vineyard in renewal. A white canvas and two colours: yellow and red, and multiple shades. And it is with my three grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot gris and Pinot noir) that, year after year, I learned to discover my terroirs and helped reveal them. Organic farming came in 2003 to bring texture and depth, but also a virtuous orientation. I love gourmet, delicate, precise, lively, digestible and deep wines and that is what I try to do at the Domaine. My goal is to make wines of immediate pleasure that can nevertheless age for many years in the cellar. I adapt my vinification to each vintage with the help of my oenologist, friend Benoit and Rémy, my vineyard manager. Each terroir is vinified separately and we taste the wines every day during this exciting period. In 2006, I tried sparkling wines and made my first crémants. It is extremely stimulating and I have terroirs that lend themselves perfectly to it! I use no additives in my wines and doses of sulphites are minimal. Always the same goal: fun, fun, fun! Health happiness!

Cremant de Bourgogne, Extra-Brut 2017

This bottle of French bubbles is part of the category of classic sparkling wines produced not in the Champagne region, but in 7 regions, including Burgundy, and part of the appellation Crémant de Bourgogne. In its range of premium products, Gruhier is also committed to producing this wine, which is made from a cuvée of 60% Pinot Noir and 40% Chardonnay. Low dosage allows the original characteristics of the grapes to be respected, and this wine matures for 24 months in bottle on its lees, enriching it with personality and more complexity, although it remains a very pleasant and easy-drinking sparkling wine.


Flavour description

Its bright light yellow colour betrays that it is anything but an insecure bubble. Even before your nose has found its way to the glass, the aromas are already meeting you. Sparkling bright citrus fruits take the lead. These are joined by fine notes of saffron and a zest of maderein. On the palate, too, this Crémant is splashy and expressive. The aromas of the nose are also present on the palate. The wine has a generous soft mousse. The mouthfeel also has a soft supple feel. The flawless and beautifully dry finish make the wine super digestible and uplifting. A wine with maturity and spontaneity.



The wine can be used in a variety of ways. As an aperitif, as a lunch accompaniment or as a lovely afternoon glass on a sunny day. Open the wine and preferably pour it in a white wine glass (riesling glass) so you can enjoy it as a wine and not get blinded by the mousse. This often does happen when it is drunk from a narrow flute. For the first glass, it is a good idea to leave the wine in the glass for 2 minutes to catch your breath, before diving straight in. The tension is allowed to ease off for a while. The more flavour you contrast with the Crémant, the more you may give the wine a little more temperature. Slightly higher temperature (9 °C) gives more room for aromas and mouthfeel to show themselves. The wine has a lot of potential, but long storage is not recommended. What do you want to wait for when the wine is already in top form!


Wine and food

As an aperitif, a wine like this needs no accompaniment. But should you still want to snack on it, take an oyster and add a few drops of grapefruit juice. As a lunch dish, the wine goes great with a salad with red mullet or a Thai salad. A dish like a Poké Bowl could also be a nice option. Appetisers or dishes with shellfish also pair very well, think crayfish, Dutch shrimps or Oosterschelde lobster.



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