Domaine Gayda La Minuette Rosé Bio 2020

Domaine Gayda La Minuette Rosé Bio 2020


This is what France's largest wine region can be great at. We're talking about the sheer purity of a timeless Rose wine.


Domaine Gayda

Domaine Gayda is a winery from France located in the foothills of the Pyrenees, some 25 km south of Carcassonne. Here, in the largest wine region in the world, the winery strives to create wines that clearly reflect the quality and diversity of the Languedoc-Roussillon region. Domaine Gayda is located in the village of Brugairolles. Dating back to 1749, the building served as an ettappe post for travellers where horses could rest and be made ready again for the rest of the journey. Domaine Gayda itself was created in 2004 when owners Tim Ford and Anthony Record joined forces with winemaker Vincent Chansault. Together, they aimed to give the wine region a modern image and foresaw it becoming very popular in the future. Domaine Gayda has since become a well-known name within the Languedoc region. Freely translated, the name Domaine Gayda is a reference to a free-spirited person, who likes to make his own choices. Partly this vision characterises the success of Domaine Gayda.



Wine info

This rosé comes from a limestone terroir at La Livinière. Its pale colour and floral bouquet represent Minuette roses. Which Tim Ford planted in Kenya in 1982, during his 25 years in rose production in Africa. A nod to both the past and the future, La Minuette is an example of estate values, where wines are rooted in tradition. Partly the grapes are hand-picked and partly is done by a machine. Sulphur-free fermentation takes place between 14 and 18 degrees Celsius. The wine is composed of the famous quartet of southern French grape varieties. It is the combination of Cinsault, Grenache, Mourvèdre and the spice Syrah.


Flavour description

The colour alone conveys the virginity and sophistication of a classic southern French rosé. The aroma has the blend of raspberry, perfume and grapefruit. The fresh red fruit and splashy acidity meet you immediately. It is uplifting and sweet at the same time. The pleasant grapefruit bitters are the icing on the cake. Now just a summer sun and enjoy.



It is a wine that can drink itself cold in the sun. But in a mood of love, it also goes well with strawberries in bed. Pour in a narrow riesling glass and well-chilled as an aperitif.
This wine needs no preparation. Aeration or bottle aging is not necessary. Instead, it is important to drink this wine youthfully and freshly.


Wine and food

Drink the wine with seafood dishes and salads. An old-fashioned prawn cocktail would be fantastic. It also goes well with a drinks board in the garden.
And at the barbecue, this wine also goes wild with fish from the grill or chicken with madras herbs. Keep the summer coming!



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