2018 Compagnia Siciliana 1921 'Privé' Nerello Mascalese, Sicily

2018 Compagnia Siciliana 1921 'Privé' Nerello Mascalese, Sicily

2018 Compagnia Siciliana 1921 'Privé' Nerello Mascalese, Sicily

The Nativ winery itself is located in the southern Italian wine region of Campania near Paternopoli on the foothills of Vesuvius. Later, Nativ also acquired some top vineyards in Sicily under the name Compagnia Siciliana 1921. Of which this special cuvée Privè is the flagship! Nativ's Italian wine not only impresses with its beautiful storage bottle, but also its contents. Year after year, the wines are awarded high points by Luca Maroni, Italy's Robert Parker. Incidentally, the name Nativ literally means 'indigenous', which refers to the fact that Nativ uses only indigenous grapes to make exceptional wine. Nerello Mascalese is a typical Sicilian grape that shows very best results on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna, but by now also comes into its own elsewhere in Sicily. The name derives from the Mascali plain between Etna and the sea and Nerello from the black colour of the grape. Nerello Mascalese displays impressions of cherries, plums and laurel on the palate. Sicily's sunny climate makes it a firm wine with ripe tannins and a full body. Wines made from Nerello Mascalese are also sometimes compared to those from Barolo or Burgundy.



This Nerello Mascalese has been called the queen of Sicily. For everything about this Italian red wine is satiny with majestic refined luxury (of cedar, vanilla and mocha) alongside soft dark red fruit in a suede-like velvety texture with noble length. This 'Privé' cuvée is unmistakably a scion of the family of the multi-award-winning winery Nativ. And is also called the 'Cheval Blanc' of Sicily by its producer for its velvety finesse.

Flavour description

The wine gives a blend of dark blackberry fruit combined with floral aspects. Italian temperament and an almost Bordeaux-type classic glow in the aroma. On the palate, it really has an intense Italian style. The cherry fruit, nice bright spiciness and also very juicy. The tannins are definitely there, but come later in the taste. It is an expressive and intense wine on the palate, but also with power and depth. Great complete wine that is so versatile, powerful enough for the firm drinker and subtle enough for the refined drinker.


Serve the wine in a Burgundy glass slightly cooler to emphasise its freshness and elegance. Looking for the tough side of the wine? Then serve it in a Bordeaux glass and at around 16 degrees. A wine that is already showing its complete self, but can quietly grow in your cellar for another year.

Wine and food

The wine for young red meat, barbecue and even hearty poultry dishes. But also delicious with vegetable dishes with beetroot, red cabbage and mushrooms. But it will also give a wonderful moment together on the couch with a hefty plank of charcuterie. A wine that can be gourmet as well as a comfort wine.


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