2018 Bogle Vineyards, Essentail Red, California

2018 Bogle Vineyards, Essentail Red, California

2018 Bogle Vineyards, Essentail Red, California

Although the Bogle family has been farming in the Clarksburg area for six generations, their involvement in the wine business goes back 50 years. Besides passing on a strong work ethic and commitment to quality, Bogle's success over the years has been rooted in the Bogle family's day-to-day involvement. We understand that nurturing the land and preserving its vitality is essential not only for our family, but across the world, so that future generations can enjoy many harvests for centuries to come. We are proud to be honoured with the 2018 Green Medal Leader Award, which recognises the vineyard that best demonstrates environmentally friendly, socially just and economically viable sustainability practices.


Our family prides itself on making wines of exceptional character and quality. From vineyard to bottle, the highest standards are set to create a wine that surpasses time and again.

Flavour description

An incredibly sexy nose has this wine, with cherries on liqueur, classic blackberry fruit and sultry rose perfume. The wine starts with fresh blackberry fruit and then fans open into an intoxicatingly sultry seducer. The wine's creamy sultry finish, takes away any resistance from tannins. the wine is fluid and endlessly charming.


A wine that has incredible richness, so watch out for too much richness. Pour the wine no warmer than 15 degrees. But use a large glass. Decanting is not necessary, and storage is possible but certainly not necessary.

Wine and food

A wine to accompany a nice piece of red meat, barbecue or grandmother's stew. But above all, it is a wine as an endless cuddle. The sun goes down, and the bottle can be opened. Add some dark chocolate and you have a wine that will tempt you into the late hours.


If you want more of this wine, contact Hosman Vins.

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