Summer tasting Granada Wines 12 June 2022

Summer tasting Granada Wines 12 June 2022

On Sunday afternoon 12 June next, wine importer Granada Wines in Utrecht is organising a continuous overview tasting from 2pm to around 6pm. You can taste around 40 exciting Spanish wines on this afternoon.

12 June next Summer tasting Granada Wines.
Special wines from Andalusia and (southern) Spain

Granada Wines: importing surprising wines since 2012

Granada Wines has been importing pure and surprising quality wines from (mainly) the southern half of Spain for exactly 10 years now. The range also includes a few gems from the better-known north, such as a beautiful white Rioja and a red Maturana Tinta, from female winemaker Berta Valgañon. Granada Wines offers quirky and highly rated wines, often with a special story. How about red wine in the middle of the sherry region? Several natural wines are made by the tiny Garcia de Verdevique winery in the Sierra Nevada, where they have been making wine from grapes from the highest vineyards in continental Europe for more than 100 years. The steep slopes mean they still plough and harvest with mules here.

Autochthonous (indigenous) grape varieties

The wines imported by Granada Wines from mainly small family bodegas are often made from unique autochthonous (indigenous) grapes such as palomino, muscat Alexandria, bobal, airen, monastrell, px and garnacha tintorera. And have you ever heard of vijiriego, arcos de miguel, verdil, jaen blanco or tintilla de rota?

Apart from 'cult wines' and a number of top sherry's, Granada Wines also offers 'more ordinary' wines such as chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, tempranillo, verdejo, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, etc. But always just that little bit different. Many of the wines are highly rated by wine critics such as Harold Hamersma and are regularly described in trade magazines and in the national media.

Summer tastingSpanish 'Cool climate' wines

Granada Wines offers many 'cool climate wines' from vineyards at least around 1,000 metres above sea level. Spain, especially the southern part, has up to 300 sunny days a year. It can also be bloody hot in summer, with temperatures reaching 45 degrees. So can good wine be made there with the necessary freshness? Yes definitely! One solution is to seek the coolness of the sea or the altitude. And that, especially in mountainous Spain, is often not a problem. Around Madrid you have the Sierra de Gredos, famous for its fresh wines of garnacha and white wine of albillo real. Around Valencia, the vineyards are also 1,000 metres high. Near Granada is the Sierra Nevada with peaks as high as almost 3,500 metres. Here - if you know where to look - you will find many small vineyards scattered here and there, often situated at altitudes of around 1000 metres to as high as 1400 metres.

Special organic wines: good for nature and biodiversity

In the wine regions in Spain from which Granada Wines imports, it is often hot and dry. Furthermore, many of the vineyards are close to the sea or in the mountains, where there is always a breeze. Diseases are therefore rare. Most of the wines are therefore made organically, many of which are also certified organic.

Come and taste for yourself!

  • Granada Wines' Summer Tasting will take place on Sunday afternoon 12 June between 2pm-6pm
  • Location: Grote Zaal Park Welgelegen in Utrecht, entrance corner Leidseweg - Pijperlaan (diagonally opposite Ibis hotel)
  • Entrance €7.50. If you order at least 6 bottles of wine, you will get a refund
  • More information: or 06-21541493

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