See, smell, taste and feel the Limburg Wine Marathon

See, smell, taste and feel the Limburg Wine Marathon

Those looking to combine running in a challenging environment with tasting award-winning Limburg wines can attend the 2e edition of the Heilbron Limburg Wine Marathon. Starting in the southern Limburg town of Wahlwiller, known for the Wahlwiller Wine Festival, on Saturday there is the opportunity to explore the Limburg wine region running on a trail course of 10 or 21 kilometres. On Sunday, those distances are also there but there is also a full marathon. 

See, smell, taste and feel the Limburg Wine Marathon

'We have not had to adjust much to the first edition, almost everything remains the same. The reactions last year to our first Wine Marathon were unanimously positive, both about the concept and the course. It was an atmospheric event where participants lingered a bit longer than at 'normal' events. What further struck us was the fact that almost 60% of our field of participants were women. That first marathon really tasted like more right away,' said Raymond Beeren of Bearsports on behalf of the organisation.


The Limburg wine marathon is organised with 3 objectives: Promotion of the South Limburg wine region, promotion of South Limburg as a running region and generating funds for children's cancer research. Moreover, at this trail run, the experience is more important than the sporting achievement. The course from the start in the Wittemer vineyard is largely unpaved and runs along and even through several well-known South Limburg vineyards. It is not a fast, but rather a beautiful course right through the Limburg hill country with its beautiful views. Along the way at the stopovers, runners are treated to a few sips of award-winning Limburg wine and some pleasant ambient music. Of course, there will also be water, sports drinks, fruit and biscuits at those care stations. For every finisher, there is a special medal and even more wine.

Beeren: 'Our motto is See, Smell, Taste and Feel the Limburg Wine Marathon. See the beautiful vistas and vineyards. Smell the nature of southern Limburg. Taste the award-winning wines both en route and at the finish and feel the typical hills of South Limburg in your legs. Our Heilbron Limburg Wine Marathon is highly recommended for the runner who loves beautiful nature and wine.'

SeeRegistration is still open until 25 September via


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